Our Team

We are diverse; from young professionals, based in his/her home country working remotely and globally, to more seasoned experts with multiple country experiences.  The old guy is coming up on 40 years, working & living in 38 countries.

A big OUI and passion for: emerging markets, young leaders & entrepreneurs, innovation and automated solutions, diversity and racial equality as well as increasing the influence of women in leadership roles. Tim is deeply attached to the francophone world, to Africa and believes in “Africa for Africans by Africans,” and the huge potential of emerging markets and their leaders.

Tim was a trusted colleague and always available to help me out no matter how full his plate was. He was one of the few HR leaders that I’ve worked with that truly cared about the resources and their alignment not only for my team but also how they fit into the corporate culture.

Major Projects Director,
Global IT Services Company (January 2009)

Who We are

Our beginnings: The early 90’s, a couple of high energy, dreamers found ourselves working for a NGO in Mauritania (maschaALLAH🙏). Not knowing what was feasible we field tested numerous development and leadership theories and created a strongly positive work environment. The original idea for this network/company was birthed in the Biscaye living room in Nouakchott Mauritania. It took Tim until 2010 to launch this business, leaving the Big NGO world, their huge costs and structures based on mistrust. 

Tim Biscaye

Managing Director

"Live big - Dream bigger - Love always, be warmhearted"
Languages: French, English
Nationality: New Yorker
Lives in: France

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Evrim Aslan

HR Projects & Automation

Speaks: Turkish, English
Nationality: Turkish
Lives in: Germany

Kalani Jayasekara

People Management

Speaks: Sinhala, English
Nationality: Sri Lankan
Lives in: Sri Lanka

Aftab Ahmad

Tech and Infrastructure

Speaks: Urdu, English
Nationality: Pakistani
Lives in: Pakistan