WE Ignite Ideas

From Dreams to Reality

accendo / ah-chen-doh / Latin
to illuminate, ignite and inspire,  kindle, spark, enlighten

accendo groupe is a team of talented people of diverse skills and backgrounds. 

We at accendo groupe empower and build the capacities  of individuals, teams and companies. We believe in a strong future of aspiring entrepreneurs, leaders and companies  in the global emerging markets. 

About Us

Why WE do What WE Do?

We Give Back and Play it forward –

Mais OUI‘ – Yes, our mission is absolutely to give back and transmit acquired wisdom from lessons learned.

Oui to igniting positive change, greater equity and equality in our world. We will play forward warmheartedness and positivity. 

Oui to creating jobs & building teams. 

We are entrepreneurial team builders. Our spark comes from building human connectivity & collaboration.

How Do WE Do it?

Our Values of:
Integrity and Trust

OUI, we listen to understand and assess your needs and strategic plans to shape each engagement with you.

Benevolence, Humility and Respect

A humility, not telling you what to do, but exploring possibilities with you. We are deeply committed to accompanying you and transferring our learned lessons for you to use.

Right Effort / Fair Pricing

We pledge to maximize your time and investment. We will work ourselves out of a job. OUI to flexible pricing for your mission-critical requirements is our mantra.

Small Team

Rather than staying in the big company world, we are building a small entity to accompany startups, scaleups, mid-sized firms and even a big corporate if they so desire. 


Immer Executive

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